Hetzner, Contabo and DigitalOcean SSD server comparison

I wrote before how I selected the best server for my use and choose one from the Hetzner as main server and one virtual server at Contabo as backup. They are cheap but powerful. And because most of my traffic goes to Slovenia, the EU location of server is a plus. But with any new player on server market, homework should be done. And SSD virtual server offer from DigitalOcean looks great.

Starting from just $5 per months they are worth to check, if your online business requires good price/performance ratio.

For testing I took their test machine, which is offered for free for limited time (few hours). It contains 512 MB RAM / 1 core / 20 GB SSD disk ($5 = 3,75 EUR/month). For testing I’ve used sysbench. And compared results to my servers on Contabo and Hetzner. On Contabo I have a virtual machine 4 GB RAM / 1 core / 200 GB disk space (10 EUR/month). And at Hetzner I have their EX4 machine with 16 GB RAM / 4 core / 3 TB HDD in RAID 1 (49 EUR/month).

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