Koliko serverjev je veliko serverjev? 1000? 100000?

But the data point I found most interesting had nothing to do with Twitter. Salesforce talked about its own back-end infrastructure and revealed that all of Salesforce.com runs on only about 1,000 servers. And that is mirrored, so it is really only 500. Think about that for a minute. Salesforce has more than 55,000 enterprise customers, 1.5 million individual subscribers, 30 million lines of third-party code, and hundreds of terabytes of data all running on 1,000 machines.

Amazon’s Web Services, in comparison, runs on about 100,000 machines I am told by someone with knowledge of Amazon’s server infrastructure.

Iz: TechCrunch

PS: Ravnokar dobivam nov 1,5TB disk, tako da bom v svojem diskovju imel na voljo uporabnih 2,5TB. Ali lahko konkuriram Salesforceu in Amazonu.